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  • Zoom classes – no more clocking off work just to get stuck in traffic!
  • Ask questions and interact with the instructor just like you were in a real classroom
  • We “teach to the test” and guarantee* you’ll pass the exam on your first try or your money back

"Studying with Massachusetts Construction School is the best decision I ever made." - F. Andella, CSL #052605

"I can't say strongly enough how effective this course is." - S. Watson, CSL #102396

Our Course Is Fully Updated And Covers The Current Material

2021 IBC + Tabs, 2021 IRC + Tabs, 2021 IECC, MA Amendments to IBC 2015, MA Amendment to IRC 2015 9th Edition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Should I Take A Zoom Class vs. Taking The Course In Person?

    Cost: Other schools charge you for the privilege of driving to a live class. Plus the gas to get to and from class isn’t free.

    Time: Time: Who the heck wants to get out of work, sit in traffic on the way home, wolf down some food and then rush out again... to get stuck in more traffic?! Think of how many hours you waste driving around MA each month. Why tack on 8-10 more hours getting to and from class?

    Enjoyment: For a class like this there is ZERO benefit for being there in person vs. taking the class on your computer. You can see the teacher and ask questions just like you would in a normal class environment. We’ve been teaching via Zoom for nearly 3 years now and our students LOVE it.

    Money Back Guarantee: No one else puts their money where their mouth is. Pass or your money back.*

  • How Do I Get My Books?

    We mail them to you!  You can buy a class only package, our books only package, or buy the combo package (Best Value!) with study materials + the books.

  • How Does The Guarantee Work?*

    If you don’t pass the exam, let us know and then choose from the following 2 options.

    You can either retake the course at no charge, or you can get a refund for the class portion of your tuition (we do not refund the cost for the books).  If you choose a refund option we will do that with the following conditions: You must attend all 6 classes.

    You must complete the online practice tests. And you must take the exam within 6 weeks of finishing the course.

    Expect to pass though, over 90% of our students do!

  • Where Do I Take The Exam?

    Massachusetts Construction Testing (Prometric)

    The unrestricted construction supervisor exam has 75 questions and a time limit of 3 hours. The restricted construction supervisor exam has 75 questions and a time limit of 3 hours. A 70% is required to pass. You must document 3 years of experience when submitting your application to take the exam. Topics on the exam include code administration, sitework, concrete masonry, thermal and moisture protection, finishes, metals, and doors and windows. To schedule your exam, contact Thomson Prometric at 1-800-813-6671

  • How Can I Contact You?

    By Phone: 857-209-4215
    By Email:

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